Drive, Docs, Email For
A Free People

We've built a drive, docs, and email service for freedom lovers.

With no advertising, tracking, or selling your data. Your data is yours.

Under the hood we're using Nextcloud (minus Talk), the battle tested Groupware software you can learn more about here.

Groupware for every business

We've got all your groupware needs covered

Webmail for your business. Access your email from anywhere, on any device. Powered by SnappyMail

Simple pricing for everyone.

One plan for every freedom loving business, family, or individual.

Personal Plan

The best mail in the 'verse


  • No ads or tracking scripts
  • 20% off usual $15/month for while in beta
  • Webmail, Contacts, Calendaring, Drive, Docs
  • 20GB Mail Storage
  • IMAP, Caldav, CardDav, WebDav access
  • We don't sell your info to anyone, ever
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and someone will get back to you.

    • How can I contact you?

      Please email us

    • Can I use my own domain?

      Yes, please see the documentation site on how to set that up once you are subscribed.

    • Do you offer docs/drive?

      Yes we do, based on Nextcloud.

    • What technologies are you using?

      We're using open source technology for our services: Postfix, Dovecot, Nextcloud

    • Do you all support aliases and app passwords?

      Yes, aliases for custom domains and app passwords for everyone. You will see those tabs in your dashboard.

    • How can I help spread the word?

      Please put the following in your signature. "Sent from Paxmail, Email for a free people."

    • Who is behind PaxMail?

      Our founders are 3 Christian men (all with 5+ kids) looking around the world and asking how we can help make it better. We're just normal men.

    • Why did you start Paxmail?

      In 2021, we became fed up with all of the big mail providers supporting abortion and anti-Christian causes and wanted to do something about it.

    • Do you support encrypted email?

      Yes, we do. You can use Mailvelope or for Thunderbird see this article about setting up PGP with Thunderbird.

    • Can I import my old mail?

      Yes! We have a sync feature that lets you port over email from any IMAP server that allows PLAIN login, but we recommend the Thunderbird method.