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New updates and improvements to Pax

Plus Addressing


PaxMail now supports plus addressing. 

Email Plus Addressing, also known as sub-addressing or tagged addressing, is a feature that allows users to create variations of their primary email address by adding a "+tag" or "+keyword" after their username but before the "@" symbol. For example, if your email address is "username@example.com" you can use "username+tag@example.com" or "username+keyword@example.com" to create unique email addresses that still direct emails to your primary inbox.

This feature is beneficial for organizing and filtering incoming emails. Users can set up filters or rules based on the "+tag" or "+keyword" to automatically sort emails into specific folders, label them, or apply other actions. It also helps users identify the source of incoming emails more easily, as the added tags or keywords can indicate where the email address was shared or used.

Overall, Email Plus Addressing provides a flexible and efficient way for users to manage and organize their emails without the need to create multiple email accounts.

Sync Jobs!

We now support bringing over your old email from any IMAP provider which supports PLAIN authentication. Syncing usually takes about 24 hours, and we recommend that you first switch DNS, wait a day, then sync over all the old emails. Note that Microsoft dropped their support for PLAIN IMAP authentication last year, so office 365 is not currently supported, though we are working on a workaround.

Aliases and App Passwords are available!

You now have the option to create aliases and App Passwords in your dashboard! Just log in, select the Aliases or App Passwords tab, and create up to 20 of each. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Purchasing multiple addresses

You can now purchase multiple Paxmail addresses or multiple domain accounts from your initial Paxmail account. When you log into the admin console, click on the "Accounts" tab and you'll see a button where you can add new addresses. 

Custom Domains

We do support custom domains as you will find in our documentation, but they will need to be purchased elsewhere as we currently don't support buying the domain with us. Once you have purchased the domain elsewhere, you can update DNS MX records (and others) to point to Paxmail. This means that if you don't purchase the domain elsewhere or don't change the DNS records that are listed under the "DNS" tab of the admin console, your custom domain email won't work.

Get up to 5 years free Paxmail

We are adding a referral system, so even though you are currently paying for Paxmail, we'd like to offer you a way to get up to 5 years of free service. Here's how:

If someone you recommend signs up (and stay subscribed for 3 months) with your referral link, we'll give you up to 5 years of free service. There are 3 referrer tiers: bronze, silver, and gold.

  • 5 referrals earns you 1 year free service (bronze status) .
  • 10 referrals earns you 2 years free service (silver status) .
  • 25 referrals earns you 5 years free service (gold status) .
  • There is a hidden tier that only those who reach it will be informed, with a special prize.

You will find your referral code here at the bottom of the page.
Please let us know of any feedback you have at support@paxmail.cc

Beta coming soon!

We will soon be launching our beta, make sure you are signed up to the waitlist to hear the official announcement. Soon there will be hope for inboxes.