Our Convictions

These have been adapted from Public Square's values page, with whom we are in alignment.

  1. You, the user, are NOT the product. Your personal data is never sold; not to a third party, not to advertisers, not to anyone.
  2. Your data and personal information are never shared. You get to choose what to do with your personal information.
  3. We earn revenue from users who pay a subscription to our service. This aligns our incentives to serve the needs of users, not advertisers. We don’t need to share user data in order to earn revenue.
  4. We believe in the sanctity and importance of the family unit, including the protection of the unborn.
  5. We believe in a market system of economics that prioritizes the voluntary exchange of goods between consumers and the businesses they patronize.
  6. We believe in the rights of men to take responsibility for their own health choices. (ie. we stand against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports).